About Cataumet Sawmill

Cataumet Sawmill was founded in 1986 by Tom Adams and Ted Wolf. The men's interest in and reverence for wood, especially antique heart pine, was the inspiration for the start-up of the mill. Bruce Killen, a close friend and renowned craftsman from Nantucket, encouraged Tom and Ted to explore the possibilities of the business.

The sawmill has expanded from heart pine flooring to antique beams, flooring, custom kitchen island tops, and other character hardwoods. Although Ted and Bruce have passed away, their spirit and energy have not. Cataumet Sawmill continues to provide custom green products of the highest quality. The products are all made on Cape Cod by Cape Cod Craftsmen for a home of distinction.

About Our Reclaimed Wood

Cataumet Sawmill's reclaimed wood comes from such buildings as the old Cape Codder Hotel, a mill on Maine's Kennebec River built in 1886, and the tanks of an old brewery in Rhode Island. Much of this wood was originally cut in the 19th century from trees hundreds of years old. The beauty, strength, straightness and stability of this wood is unmatched--you can't go down to the local lumber yard and get anything like it.

Long Leaf Yellow Pine (today's Antique Heart Pine) is particularly unique. 100 plus years ago it was used extensively in buildings requiring large, strong, straight, rot-resistant beams--buildings that are still standing today. The forests in the South that these trees came from, were mostly cleared by the dawn of the 20th century. Today the only way to get this exceptional wood is through reclamation.